Art Disasters

I had a bunch of matted watercolours shrinkwrapped at Kinko's, and they got little spots all over. Sort of like grease spots and some sort of blackish. They must have overheated it, but I won't try that agian! All that matting had to be redone. And I don't like matting.

Oh, and also they all buckled. Must have been wrapped too tightly. What a disaster!


-- This archives very badly! I have some old things that I mounted with rubber cement and there are brown streaks coming through from the rubber cement.

I recently submitted two 16 X 20" iris proofs to an exhibition, which hung for a month and then traveled to New Brunswick where it hung for a month, then were shipped home. I had sprayed the iris print with varnish (because the ink is water soluble) and then mounted the work on board using spray-on adhesive from the art supply store. When I received it back after 2 months it was extremely embarrassing, it was hanging off the board all over the place. It looked TERRIBLE!

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