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Have you tried Dick Blick? I found their prices aren't too bad for the Arches Watercolor paper and if you buy in quantity, you can get a further discount.

They have a web site and you can order a catalog there. My catalog came within 3 days and my order of paper came in yesterday, less than a week. 800-828-4548 (24hrs)

Their current sale catalog lists Arches 140 lb CP at $1.89 per sheet at 16x20 and $3.25 for 22x30 (same for CP and HP)

Cheap Joe's has 140# Arches cold press, 25 sheets size 22x30 for $59.95, hot press is $61.95. their phone # is 1-800-227-2788, their service has been good.

Art Supply Warehouse has the cold press for $57.77, hot press $60.17, but I've had trouble getting my order from them. However it did finally come. They charged me twice (which made the price not so great) but removed the 2nd charge when I complained. If you want to give them a chance, their number is: 1-800-995-6778

My absolutely favorite mail-order art supply house is Artists' Connection. They can be found on the web at:

or call for their catalog-- 1-800-851-9333, fax 1-800-852-9333.

I cannot recommend these folks highly enough. Their prices for Arches Paper, W&N series 7 brushes (half list price plus a penny!), Raphael Series 8404 Kolinsky brushes, and W&N Professional watercolors are better than any I've seen, and they give back gift certificates with orders of $150+ ($15 g.c.) and $300+ ($35 g.c.). The shipping can run a little higher than Pearl or ASW, but they more than make up for it in the level of service they provide. They also carry a truly gorgeous selection of specialty & decorative papers for collagists & experimenters.

Sample Arches prices:
140# Arches, hot press, 25 or more sheets size, 22x30 -- $89.77
140# Arches,cold press, 25 or more sheets size, 22x30 -- $86.85

I live in NYC, they're just over the river in NJ & I usually get my order within 2-3 days (they tell me it'll take 5 days or so-- they are breathtakingly reliable!). Enjoy--

Peace & joy,

W&N Series 7, #1 is 8.98: W&N Series 7, #2 is 10.80. (This is at Artists' Connection, the mail order place I posted about yesterday--1-800-851-9333)

Dick Blick
Phone Order 1-800-447-8192
Fax Order 1-800-621-8293
Questions about an order 1-800-723-2787
Answers about their products 1-800-933-2542

Check out this site:
Prices are advertised 40-60% off. A while back, someone was asking about getting single Prismacolor pencils (rather than sets). Wholesale Art sells them individually for about $.74 each. Lots of other stuff I'm still checking out too.


Pearl has a web site ( You could also try Artist's Supply Warehouse (

Pearl Paint
Artist's Supply Warehouse
The Jerry's Catalog

Yes wholesale art supply at:


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