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Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 12:20:47 EDT
Subject: illustration: Re: One More Thing!

To All:

As the SCBWI Illustrator Coordinator, I'd like to be able to pass along information regarding calls I get from time to time on companies/businesses/publishers who are seeking illustrators.

One such publisher is ITHACA BOOKS. I received a letter from them stating their search for illustrators for a series of books for children ages 11 to 14 featuring true stories of adventure, exploration, and discovery. Each title will contain approximately 12 color illustrations, preferably done in acrylic on a "painterly" style.

If any of you are interested in this, please contact Christopher Husa ("Hew- sah") at (818) 596-2207. They are located in La Canada, California.

Please mention SCBWI when contacting them, as it serves to help spread a good word about what the organization is doing for illustrators. THANKS!

Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 16:18:38 EDT
Subject: illustration: Publisher Needs Illustrators


SCBWI received a call today from a publisher attending a convention at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. They, unfortunately, were not able to attend our Portfolio Display during the SCBWI National Conference this past weekend, as they are in immediate need of illustrators.

Just briefly, the publisher is Self-Realization Fellowship (spiritual, yoga-based publisher). Evidently, they have published award-winning adult books, but are venturing into the children's book field now. Their first two titles will be released Fall 1999. Hence, their immediate need to contact illustrators. They are clear about not needing "cartoony" art. Animals as well as people are involved in their books.

I am Fed-Exing a package of art samples that I have from the SCBWI Illustrator file sent to me for this specific reason. Actually, I normally would not be sending out samples, just passing names out - but due to the urgency, (The publisher was willing to drive down to Orange County to me, to retrieve samples) I decided to send them this way.

If interested, please contact NAOMI HALE @ (213) 624-1000 - room 2266 (now, until Sat. a.m.), after that, please call her at (213) 845-4038 Sat. eve --- Sun. morning. If you are local to L.A., perhaps you can drop off some samples at the hotel, but do make arrangements with her first.

From Monday on, please send art samples to: Trisha Park, SRF Publications, 3880 San Rafael Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90065. Trisha can be reached at: (323) 225-2471 xt. 2368.

Best to all, and good luck!
Priscilla Burris
SCBWI Illustrator Coordinator

JUST PRETEND, INC. a speciatly toy and book company, is looking for both illustrators and authors to submit work for a number of upcoming projects. Goal of company: To offer the magic and wonder of make-believe. Books and playthings are intended for various audiences within the 2~12 year old range.

ILLUSTRATORS: Strong ability to draw the human figure, facial expressions, inc. Ability to match the look of central characters from previous books
Style: "realistic", classical fairy tale
Open to various mediums


Just Pretend, Inc.
Attn: Vernon Thornblad, Art Director
One Sundial Avenue, Suite 201
Manchester, NH 03103


Wanted to mention that Just Pretend, Inc. just sent two of their toy/playthings catalogs to me, as well as a copy of one of their fantasy/fairy tale style children's books, and I have a few comments to share "just with you"....

Book: Beautifully illustrated, soft and rich palette. Some full-page, some spot illustrations throughout. This one is a chapter book.

Catalogs: Reminiscent of Pleasant Company catalogs, including their fantasy dolls ~ which are beautiful and definitely collectable (my 10 year old daughter has already selected one she wants "like for Christmas, Mom?"). Very nice publication. Catalogs also include dress-up/pretend items, as well as costumes and playsets.

Another special note about this company: Their book collection named "Stardust Classics" are featured in Parents Magazine as one of the "Best Toys For 1998". These classic tales will be out in bookstores and libraries throughout the country on September 15, 1998. They will also be featured in several magazines including CHILD and PARENTING.

Good luck to all interested!

Little Tiger Press is looking for picturebooks / fiction emphasising the 'imagination':

Little Tiger Press
Jody A Linn, Editor
N 16 W 23390 Stoneridge Drive
Wausheeka, WI 53188

Umm this is spelled Waukesha...

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Conf: What's Up?
From: Judi Desouter (
Date: Monday, November 02, 1998 02:45 PM

Attention All Illustrators! I eagerly await the arrival of your samples. Presently, I'm working on a book project for ages 11 through 14 (b&w and color covers). But am always on the lookout for updates from artists I know and new samples from new artists.


Judi De Souter, Art Buyer
Scholastic 524 Broadway 11th Floor
NYC, NY 10012


Susan Ligertwood, Art Director
McGraw Hill 2 Penn Plaza 21st Floor
NYC, NY 10021

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 17:45:19 EST
Subject: illustration: The Storyteller's Treasure Chest

Hi to all... The Storyteller's Treasure Chest is a mail-order company for stationery, greeting cards and other products marketed to storytellers, children's stores and the general public.

I am building collections of illustrated fairy tales, folktales, nursery rhymes, myths and legends. Each collection contains 4 images.

If you are an artist working in these areas, please contact me privately at:

Jackie Baldwin

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:14:37 EDT
Subject: illustration: Bentley house/ALP LINK TO THE SITE THEY NEED ARTISTS

Hello again,
I found another resource some of you may be interested in.............. Its a print publisher..... I copied this off the site to give you an idea of who they work with:

Currently, ALP has successfully sublicensed properties to such companies as Bentley House, The Bradford Exchange, Dimensions Stitchery, Polytint Cards, Franklin Mint, AB Pictura, C&F Enterprises, Canadian Greetings, Cosmo Merchandising, Leanin' Tree, Manifestations, Roman, and others

They are looking for artists :).......good luck

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