Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 10:41:53 -0400
From: Peter Davis
Subject: illustration: Children's Writer's Resource List

I wanted to let you know I've done a little updating of my Children's Writer's Resource List Web page. This page also contains resources for illustrators, and I really need to change the name one of these days. You can find the page at:

I'll mention that this page is now affiliated with the on-line bookstore. This means you can click on any of the books listed to go immediately to the page for that book. If you buy the listed book, or even buy any other book after going to from that link, I get some percentage of the price of the book back. This adds nothing to your cost, but I wanted to mention it in case anyone objects. This is not a commercial venture, but if anyone actually uses it, it may help to offset some of the expenses of the Web site, etc.

Just go to, and click on the links there to get to Amazon, we'll get a rebate on any orders you place, which will go to offset the costs of maintaining the list.

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 21:53:15 -0800
From: Layne Jackson
Subject: illustration: [reference] illustrator's books

New Step-by-Step Graphics magazine lists this number for limited supply of hard-to-find books by and about past illustration masters, as well as classic editions of books illustrated by greats such as Dean Cornwell (who was topic of thread last month) N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle. To inquire about artists and availability, call Illustration House 212 966 9444.


Here's a list with a few of my favorite books for illustration:

Graphic Techniques for Designers and Illustrators by Gunter Hugo Magnus (Barrons)

Illustration and Drawing Styles & Techniques by Terry Presnall (North Light Books)

The Complete Guide to Illustration and Design by Terence Dalley (Chartweil Books}

The Encyclopedia of Illustration Techniques by Catharine Slade (Running Press)

Hope this helps
Terry G

Yes, the Gouache book is no longer in print as I just found out a few months ago. This was confirmed by Rob. I happened to find it at I just checked and they have both books listed between $20-$25. Both are great books. Just do a search on Rob Howard in the author field and it will come up with both books.

FYI, this is a great place to find any out of print book, art or otherwise, and I use their service all the time. Trust me, you DON'T want to look for out of print books through Amazon. I can usually find something 1/4 the price that Amazon comes through with. It searches the databases of many book dealers and shows you the results. Sometimes there is a wide difference in prices but you can usually can find something reasonable. It can also save your want list and notify you if it finds something.

Denise O.

I just came across this link and thought it might interest a few of you. It is a course taught at the Atlanta College of Art called -ILLUSTRATING CHILDREN'S BOOKS: a student's guide- It's quite a few pages detailing the whole process of illustrating a children's book.

It seems well written and full of advice.

Denise O.

Date: Sat, 01 Aug 1998 07:27:23 -0400
From: Lisa Peruchini
Subject: illustration: A neat book to check out!

Hello Listmates,

Do you live near a library? I found a fab book in the kid's section that is worth checking out. It's especially for cat lovers, but is neat for everyone IMO. It's called "Purr.... Children's Book Illustrators Brag about Their Cats" Edited by Michael J. Rosen ,Harcourt Brace & CO. pub.

Shows many illustrators cats (drawn in their style) like David Kirk, Steven Kellogg, and James Mc Mullan to name a few.

Another great one...."Myth, Magic and Mystery" One Hundred Years of American Children's Book Illustration. This one is a goldmine of various talents and styles. I particularly liked the part that shows how Dr.Suess draws his sketches and does a dummy page.


It searches the other out-of-print book search sites, including Abebooks, Interloc, etc.

A Treasury of Great Childrenıs Book Illustrators
Susan E. Meyer
Abradale Press, Henry N. Adams, Inc., 1987
Biographies of 13 illustrators born in the 19th century, Edward Lear-W.W Denslow; the authorıs favorites.

Myth, Magic, and Mystery - One Hundred Years of American Children's Book Illustration
Michael Hearn, T. Clark, N. Clark
Roberts Rinehart Publishers, 1996

When We Were Young -Two Centuries of Childrenıs Book Illustration
William Feaver
Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1977

Writing with Pictures
Uri Shulevitz
Watson-Guptil Publications, 1985
My favorite how-to for book illustrating.

Getting Started as a Free-lance Illustrator or Designer
Michael Fleishman
North Light books, 1990
The business side.

How to Write and Illustrate Childrensı Books -and Get Them Published
Treld P. Bicknell & Felicity Trotman
North Light Books, 1988
The process of development and marketing.

Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines
Graphic Artists Guild, 1998
Pricing and legal issues.

Sorry about that, they are not always too quick to remove the books that have been sold. But you can have them keep searching for that book and notify you when they find it. There is no obligation at all to buy it if they do find it. First you have to sign up then do your search. At the bottom of the page will be a button that says "Save this want". That's all there is too it.

Good luck,
Denise O.

Lainey, I just checked out the MX Bookfinder which is a search engine that searches the top book sellers online. It is still available through one of the sellers for $12.

The URL is:

Yes! My friend who used to own a used book store gave me Loomis' "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" in perfect condition. Neither of us knew at the time that it's a $600 collectors item. I zeroxed up all the Howard Pyles from the library. I considered stealing the first one I discovered: although it was yellow with age it appeared never to have been opened, so I figured no one else appreciated it. I thought I could tell the library i lost it, then pay for it, but my conscience got the better of me.


Can we share what our favorite instructional books are?

For watercolor my favorite (right now) is step by step "Guild to Realistic Watercolors" by Dawn McLeod really show you HOW to get it right.

For portrait work, the bible for me is"Painting Watercolor Portraits that Glow" by Jan Kunz. I have used this so much, it is splattered and tattered..similar to what good cook-books go through. Even though I've painted umpteen portraits, I still feel comforted with this book open on my table. It's like Jan is holding my hand......

These came from The North Light Book Club.

Anyone else?


pen & ink - Drawing in Pen and Ink, by Arthur Guptill
gouache - Gouache for Illustration, by Rob Howard
color - Color Choices, by Stephen Quiller
general illo. - Creative Illustration, by Andrew Loomis

Carl, one way to check pricing is to use one of the book search engines ( or and see what the books are selling for. This won't always work, but it often does.

One of the best books on creativity I've ever read was "The Comic Toolbox" by Jon Vorhaus. It's supposed to be about comedy writing, but it really covers all forms of writing and, in general, a lot of other creative pursuits as well. He talks alot about dealing with that inner critic.

It's at:

Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 16:21:05 -0800
From: stephanie anne holland
Subject: Re: illustration: breaking a contract

Pick up a copy of "The Graphic Artist Guild Pricing & Ethical Guidelines Handbook, 9th ed." SUPREMELY good source of info. Good luck.

All the best,
Stephanie Holland

-- It is called,"Take Yourself to the TOP" by Laura Berman Fortgang. It is excellent. I recommend it to everyone. It comes with exercises at the end of each chapter that help you define some of your obstacles and move on.


Pro-Illustration, Book 1, Editorial Illustration: A guide to Professional Techniques, Sponsored by the Society Of Illustrators.....The premise in Book 1; assign 9 established yet stylistically different artists the challenge of illustrating a Sunday paper Valentine issue. It is the way this book displays each illustrator's process that is the success of this book. First, there are the reflections on their particular assigned"love". Then, elaboration with sketches. Reference materials are listed, followed by a photographed documentation of every step in their personal methodology, detailed to the point of exact tools, ways of using them and strategies to acheive the artist's vision. The result is almost cinematic and surely captivating for any reader. Pro-Illustration also provides biographies and mini-portfolios for each artist, a glossary of common terms, and other comments helpful to those new in the field. Creation is always a miracle, no less so when one can view the entire birth.

Doesn't this sound cool?!!! Does anyone have this book or has anyone seen it? It is published by Rotovision, distributed by Watson-Guptill and costs $29.95.

I saw the book at the local Borders Books a few months ago; there are a couple other books mentioned for future volumes (children's illustration being mentioned).

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 10:19:16 -0500
Subject: illustration: URL for 24 hours books

Here's the URL for the MAC PROFESSIONAL'S BOOK CLUB which is currently carrying the "Learn _________ (Illustrator 8, Photoshop 5, etc.) in 24 Hours books.

Actually, if you join you can pick out 3 books for $1.99 each (and I wouldn't mind if you mentioned I sent you, cuz they'll send me a freebie - - but don't feel obligated. ;)) And get them REAL cheap.

I usually hate and curse book clubs but these guys have been ok. Never sent me stuff I didn't order and so on. And the selection is usually stuff I've been looking for, discounted.

But if not there, do check for those books at - good prices and you can use that URL Peter posted and it will help support the list.

Good luck

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