Making Changes to Art

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 10:49:11 -0500
From: Luanne Marten
Subject: illustration: children's book veterans

Hey everybody,
A question for book veterans: Is it standard to do changes on finishes (after you get sketch approval and go to color) How often do you do changes on finishes? Does the charge for Author's alterations apply to the book biz--is this a common thing or do you tell the editors that there will be a charge for any changes after going to finish? Just wondering what the "norm" is for the children's book industry?


Whoah.... hit a raw nerve there Luanne! Is it standard to do changes on finishes? No, not with this artist, at least. How often does one do changes on finishes? Hopefully never! Author's alterations.... can lead to artist's altercations.

I recently had an author call in some changes six weeks after the sketch phase of a book... with me working nights and weekends trying to meet a deadline for finishes that was already two weeks past. This unfortunate request resulted in an episode of 'going postal'...(Hey, maybe I'll share this blood curdling story with you all with at Halloween, if you ask me to...)

If a publisher insists on you redoing previously approved artwork... it should be paid for at the same rate as the original. The apologies you receive should be basted on thickly.... like Turkey glazing.


*Just a brief addendum to my hot-under-the-collar diatribe... It's common to do all sorts of 'minor' changes to the finish art. Those I do gladly... what is objectionable is when basic & major revisions are made to the art at the finish stage.

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