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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 06:09:28 +0000
From: Kelly Cheek
Subject: Re: illustration: Glossy Photographic paper

I use Kodak photographic paper in my Epson printer and get beautiful results. It does have the Kodak logo on the back, but it's no more intrusive than the Kodak logo on the back of shapshots.


I have an Epson 600, and have run heavy stock through it, even 140 lb. WC paper once or twice. No problems.


Laura... I just did output on 4x6 "Invent It! Ready To Print Post Cards" for ink jet printers by Hammermill Papers. "Bright White, Waterfast, Gloss Coated One Side" Could pass for photograph paper and you can print on the second side because there is no "Kodak" all over the back of it. Didn't smear at all. But was $6 for a pak of 24!!! I'm bringing the packaging and a sample of the paper into work tomorrow (commercial printshop for those who don't know) and the boss is going to see if he can find the paper locally through one of the paper companies he does business with in 8 1/2 x 11 sheets for me (a ream) and we'll cut to the sizes I want. Color came out really good too! When he saw the image I printed on the sheet he actually thought (at first glance) that it was printed!!! Got the paper at Office Max. The package has a which I think I'll go visit now!


Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 08:36:18 -0700
From: John Nez
Subject: Re: illustration: Photo paper / printing supplies

Here's a place online where you can get incredible discounts on Epson and other brand printing supplies.

A color cartridge for the PhotoStylus (which sells for $24) at Office Depot is $12.95. Similar discounts for that expensive photo paper and other computer stuff.

Delivered in two days... the only thing I didn't like was that the shipping box came stuffed with styrofoam peanuts!

Hi Virginia,

I got an Epson Photo Stylus and it's just dandy. I almost never use mine on the 720 dpi setting.... as the prints at 360 dpi look just great.

The one drawback is that one really can't print out lots of full pages of art.... before the cartridge runs out that is... and they're expensive. (but so are color copies) And it really is necessary to use photo quality ink jet paper (also expensive), or else the paper gets all soaked with ink and buckles.

All in all though I'm delighted with my printer... I get much more accurate color than I ever did from a copy machine. Made some great promotional mailers.


I have an Epson Pro XL 720 that I bought from for $210.00 and it prints tabloid size also. What a change from my old HP.


"Okay, here's another question. What kind of printer should an illustrator buy?"

Try getting a Epson 600 or 800....they work wonderfully!


I e-mailed the tech support at Epson and they sent back this method for cleaning them out. Plug the printer directly into a wall socket (no surge strip). Make sure the paper lever is set to the + sign. Run the cleaning cycle nine times consecutively. Worked for me, only I think that running the cleaning cycle nine times uses up about half a cartridge of ink.

Also I wonder if the five color cartridge doesn't have a bit of a pinkish tinge to the coloring... as the two extra colors are a light magenta and a light cyan.


My experience is that the prints done at 360 dpi are in fact better than those at 720. I think the 720 prints out too much ink, and the colors look a bit oversaturated. Also, I set the halftoning to 'error diffusion'. I just use the 'automatic' setting. I tried once to fool around with all the settings, with no great luck. It's easier to adjust any color settings in Photoshop.

The most basic limitation of any inkjet printer, I think, is how much ink it uses up. The workaround is to reduce the size of images (I think the Epson captures incredible detail at reduced sizes) .... and to isolate artwork into sillouettes, so that the artwork appears without extra background color. I like the format of slicing an 11" x 17" page lengthwise, and printing out a long panel.

Happy printing!


Linda, check out the CNET shopper site. Here is the URL for a search of suppliers of Epson ink cartridges, with prices as low as $11.00 depending on the model you're looking for.

-- The best I've found is BUYCOMP.COM where I snarfed up half a dozen cartridges for $6.95 each. Since then the price has risen to $8.95 because of the fluctuations of the yen most likely, but compare that to $25.00 at Office Depot.


-- I get all my Epson stuff at They were selling cartridges there for $6.95 (vs. $25 from Office Depot); They're up to $8.95 now or thereabouts. Also they've got paper. I use the 11" x 17" size and then slice it lengthwise. I then print up a folding card that fits into a little heavy paper cover... (taped in) This then fits into a nice little envelope that mails for 33 cents.... to make an affordable little promotion package. I find the Epson does wonderful reductions... so you can do itty bitty sized stuff without using tons of ink.... Great details.

Here's the URL:

I tried refilling cartridges... but you've got to be some kind of brain surgeon to drill all those little holes and inject the ink!

Good Luck!


Hammermill Jet-Print Ultra-Gloss recommended paper

Hammermill has a website Tom. They make a lot of paper. The paper I like has a shiney coated surface. "Ultra Jet Gloss". It's cool. It cost me about 10.00 at Office max. That's for 20 sheets.

Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 07:04:52 -0500
Subject: illustration: Inkjet Card Stock

If you are interested in card stock or canvas for Epson or other inkjet printing check out MIS Supply. (They also have ink refill kits for Epson, etc., and I have heard people rave about their inks. But I haven't tried that.)

MIS Supply

I really was pleased with the canvas and the cardstock. If you try the canvas on your Epson, there's a little trick to getting the printer to keep even pressure on the last 2" - tape an extension of another piece of canvas 3 - 4" long to the end. Oh, don't forget to adjust the setting on the printer for heavy stock.


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