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As I believe Joy once explained, (correct me if not) Giclee prints are more permanent than the more fugitive, ultra-violet sensitive Iris. The lady at the place where I got the Iris said I could have an ultra-violet coating sprayed on the print, but even then, they wouldn't guarantee it not to fade. Still, it looks great, is printed on WC paper, and can be worked over with colored pencil, as I did. The Iris is water soluable so watch out. Don't know about the Giclee. I think the price is comparable. Mine was 30.00 per square foot, one free color check.



"Have you found anyplace in Denver that does Giclee prints yet?

Yes, that's what I was referring to. I haven't seen their work, but they faxed me a price sheet. Here's info if you're interested:

Nocerino Editions

A Giclee is a brand name of print using the IRIS technology. Plain and simple. You can request archival (or near archival) quality of inks.

Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 11:25:20 +0000
From: Kelly Cheek
Subject: illustration: Giclee Prints

Well, I think I've decided on a printer for my giclee prints. There's a place here in Denver who does them on 22" x 30" sheets of cold-press watercolour paper for $45. The price is the same whether you print one large image, two half-size, four quarter-size or more - $45 per sheet. The inks are dye based (I've become interested in the pigment-based inks, but so far, they're mainly for outdoor applications), but they apply a sealer to increase the life and colourfastness.

In case anyone else is interested, you can give them a call:

Lightning Graphics
(303) 932-2015

I have a very good friend who is my gicleeprinter here in CA. He is right up there on the top of the new inks. He has a beautiful set now that holds subltle colors and doesn't need the sealer because it is in the ink already. The prices sound about the same. I usually get a 33" x 46" print with several of my images on it. The price is around $125. I end up spending about $25 per image. He works with people all over the country so you might give him a call if you are interested.

Rich Rothenberg

Here's a quote from the April 1998 Artist's Magazine article on giclee prints:

"Perhaps the one issue that has persistently dogged giclee prints is image stability. Because giclees are so new, no one really knows how long they'll last, but a general consensus is that in dark storage (museums' preferred method of preserving valuable or delicate prints), they'll last indefinitely. Recent independent testing has also shown that the life span of a giclee depends entirely on the specific combination of ink and paper used in printing. Under certain test conditions, icluding a clear glass covering and typical home and office lighting conditions, giclees may last as long as 20 to 24 years before perceptible fading will occur. In any event, giclee prints will almost certainly last at least as long as the best offset prints."

Subject: Re: illustration: Canvas Prints

"Which printing company in Denver is that one? You can email the info privately (or on the list in case there are others) as I would like to ask for a brochure and pricing list."

It's called Lightning Graphics. I don't know if they have a brochure. It's a small operation, a couple working out of their garage. But you could call and ask.

Lightning Graphics
6995 S. Wadsworth Court
Littleton, Colorado 8012
(303) 932-2015

For those of you interested in the art print market, the November issue of Art Business News has the results of a survey they conducted among North American art galleries on the top selling subjects:

1. Landscapes
2. Wildlife
3. Florals
4. Abstracts
5. Impressionism
6. Marine
7. Traditional/Representational
8. Americana/folk art
9. Historical (non military)
10. Western

Also said that giclee prints are hot ticket items, and gave the average dollar amount of a single sale (not including framing), broken down by region. Mountain/Pacific area (my area) had an average sale of $427.50. New England/Mid-Atlantic had the highest average sale at $769.00.

Kelly Cheek

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