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Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 11:52:48 EDT
From: Meighanne@aol.com
Subject: Re: illustration: FriendNeedsHelpZappingPornoEmail

I also have AOL....and have found there's an easy way to keep from getting junk mail. One way is to forward it to TOS Spam, as someone already mentioned. Another is to not post to newsgroups....that seems (in my experience) to be where they get many addresses to send junk to. And there is always Mail Controls....set by the primary account user. If that's you, it's easy....just go to Mail Center, and read how to set up the controls. You can block email from the most harrassing spammers, and other such neat things. I've used that, and it does work. They can't get to you, and give up.

Another secret.....do NOT reply to a "remove" address!! It's usually just their way to make certain that your email address is active...and you'll get even more junk mail! Just delete the stuff, if nothing else. (I found this out from experience as well, believe me. :-( )

If nothing else, there is always the change of NN/email addy....

BTW....I rarely get ANY form of spam mail on my AOL account, using the above tips. So they do work, at least for me. :-)

SOME day, spammers will be an endangered species, I hope. (Yeah, right. Got any swamp land to sell me? LOL)

- Diane

I don't know how AOHell's mail program works, but I use Claris Emailer, and you can create Mail Actions, which are little scripts that run to check each email and file accordingly. I'm on 4 mailing lists, so mail with "Illustration" in the header goes right into the Illustration file. Emails from the guys who build little plastic models of airliners go into another file, as well as the other lists. Then, anything with an address in my address book is automatically passed. The remaining stuff is subject to a series of keyword checks, where mail containing any of about 40 conditions goes right in the trash. It doesn't get rid of spam, but I don't have to see it.

Some of my very useful keywords:

golf balls
good news

Plus, there were some good tips in MacWorld an issue or two back, having to do with more technical flags, such as headers. Good luck!


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