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Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 10:41:53 -0400
From: Peter Davis
Subject: illustration: Children's Writer's Resource List

I wanted to let you know I've done a little updating of my Children's Writer's Resource List Web page. This page also contains resources for illustrators, and I really need to change the name one of these days. You can find the page at:

I'll mention that this page is now affiliated with the on-line bookstore. This means you can click on any of the books listed to go immediately to the page for that book. If you buy the listed book, or even buy any other book after going to from that link, I get some percentage of the price of the book back. This adds nothing to your cost, but I wanted to mention it in case anyone objects. This is not a commercial venture, but if anyone actually uses it, it may help to offset some of the expenses of the Web site, etc.

Also, if you have suggestions or additions for the resource list, please send them to me ( so I can make the updates.


- -pd


There appear to be 2 new illustration newsgroups up and running. They are:


It's worth a look see!

Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 16:52:31 EDT
Subject: Re: illustration: SCBWI online?

Our SCBWI region - members in N CA but not the Bay Area - have a listserv going now (many are also on the CW list). Mostly writers and a few who are illustrators. I would imagine other regions have something going too. Perhaps a message/conference board is in the works for the Web site -- would be nice.

Nice bunch so far on the GAG site. It's at the "getting to know you" stage right now. One gal has posted some questions about the prevelence of work-for- hire contracts in children's publishing, so were getting some discussion going there. Polly Law suggested it might be a good topic for a chat some evening. I've noticed the N CA area is well represented! Any of you other GAG members who haven't been by -- come on in, the water's fine!



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Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 17:32:45 EDT
Subject: illustration: what is Slantville?

"Good idea, but what is Slantville?"

Jessica, and Debi, and others new, Sorry, I knew that some of the newer folks on the list might be wondering about this, so I'm writing a bit of an explanation....I have been on this list a year now, and here's the view from my end.... I sent this once, but it never showed up so I'll resend: Slantville is a "sort-of name" for the bunch of illustrators/artists who live in this town called "" started and maintained by the very industrious Peter Davis.

My earliest vivid recollection of the correspondance from the Illustrator's List was a post from Mark C., describing his typical morning as a freelance artist, getting his child off to school....I laughed SO hard...yet I knew that this was not any ordinary lifestyle. Instantly related, knew I was among friends....

I have lived the freelance life myself. Rewards and challenges and doubting moments. Yet many of us also have other jobs, and work at our craft in our spare hours. Meeting lots of people who love our craft....staying up all hours of the night to meet a deadline while listening to old TV movies or music of choice.... Comparing the best ways to ship our artwork at the quickest and lowest price. Expounding on the love of colored pencils, the best brands and colors, the love of watercolor paper, printers, software programs, and the ultimate computer set-ups....The best marketing of our art...Trading jokes, endless fantasies about going somewhere that sounds better, cooler, more beautiful, more wild and inspiring than where we are now. We hear the gamut, from our silliest moments to our most profound.

I think the original idea of Slantville came from my sis LEs mentioning that we artists kind of "walk on a slant." We have our own sense of gravity, and we are perfectly comfortable getting around this way, tho' others might have to tilt their heads to understand our viewpoint. So "Slantville" somehow became the name of our community of artists/illustrators/designers on this list who all seem to share a "different" perspective on life from the rest of the business world. Even though we are of various nationalities, we all seem to see the world a bit differently, and sometimes our family and friends think we're, well, anywhere from a little weird, to "head in the clouds", to "off-the-wall."

In Breckenridge, Colorado, USA, they have a holiday every year to celebrate the fact that at one time in their US history, they were considered to be out-of-bounds of the US territory. (It's called "No Man's Land.) Just their little few thousand square miles of land, not counted in official records as "belonging" to the union....Every year they revel in the fact that they are a completely sovereign place...for a couple of days. An excuse for a huge chunk of freedom....

Well, we as artists/illustrators have come to know, through our on-line discussions, that we don't really belong to any nation of "typical" business folk. And it's really pretty wonderful.

I hope, Jessica, that this might shed some light on what has gone on around here. We also made some group projects this year which included a community portrait of folks on this list (compiled by LEs and on Peter's website?), and a Valentine's Day Website (Peter Davis's) with many contributions, and a Notebook made by Les, of sample artwork by listees, and finally, an International Artist's Day website made by Kelly Cheek. Just think about that, I think that's amazing to get together so many artistic individuals on group projects in the space of less than one year!

Head-in-the-clouds, my stars....this is the hardest working bunch I've seen in, well, since the days of No Man's Land!

your friend,

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