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Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 23:25:10 -0400
Subject: illustration: I Spot yet again

Well, it finally happened. I got a solid offer via the I Spot that I had to turn down because my dance card was full. Probably a decent job, too, but no more so than what I've got going right now instead. The irony is that I was about three hours from calling and cancelling my contract with I Spot due to lack of response, something I've been thinking over the past few weeks. So now I'm not so sure. Since we've been keeping tabs with each other thus far, have any I-Spotters here had any commissions yet? After all these months am I the first?

Johnny on the Spot

There is a new artist and writer connection to exhibit and exchange ideas, looks like a good place for writers to look for future contacts as well. I heard about it on a newsgroup not long ago. Check it out!

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 20:12:48 -0700
From: Layne Jackson
Subject: illustration: another illustration site on the web

Not sure how they found me, but they did. Their cost is $495 a year, etc, but the point is that there is some nice work to look at.

-- that's a nice site.

It's conncected to and probably initiated by Leighton & Company... who is an artist's representative in the Boston area (I think)

I sent them an e-mail last summer inviting them to look at my site... never heard back.

They're an example of the internet being used by an individual to sell artwork. Our site would be similar, only a co-operative venture. I suppose the individual advantage is in editorial descicion making and focus on particular markets. Most reps seem to tailor their artists to fit a particular market niche or style.


Leighton O'Conner contacted me last year after seeing my work when I was in NYC...Never pursued it ...But did get mail from him about the site...

Maybe I'll give him a call....

Here's the local URL... imagine if we had a site like this.....

Here's Harriet Kaysak's web site... could serve as a model for the mythical 'Slantville' page.....

Also I like the design of this one. Lindgren & Smith... very classy... my buddy Steve Salerno's one of the artists....

Thanks for your interest in ( Below is a little information about what we do.

* is an "on-line" sourcebook, similar in concept to more traditional sources, only using the internet. Clients contact you directly and we do NOT take a commision.

* for $495 we will showcase up to 10 pieces of your artwork on our site for one year.

- - can change artwork 3 times per year

- - free scanning of artwork no larger than 81/2 X 12

- - we will provide a link to your existing web site (if you have one) at no extra cost

- - we submit your 2 pages to 20 of the most popular search engines, which we have tested in order to determine which ones receive the most traffic. We receive reports every 3 days to find out where is coming up in the search engines.

- - we receive 2000-3000 hits per day, and can also specify the number of hits for a particular artist. Percentage breakdown:

- -40% corporate

- -25% graphic design studios/ad agencies

- -15% artists

- -15% educational institutions

- -5% we have no idea!

- - 24 hour, worldwide access to your portfolio; you can put the web address on your direct mail, and also on your answering machine so that your portfolio is always accessible to clients. Clients contact illustrators DIRECTLY.

- -we also have a STOCK section ( out site so you can sell your stock illustrations

- - 10% discount for Graphic Artist Guild members

- - 20% discount for reps, not to be combined with G.A.G. Discount; if putting large number of artists on line, will even negotiate more

- -we accept all major credit cards

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Thanks again!


Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 15:00:08 -0500
From: Tony & Denise Ortakales
Subject: illustration: Zoomsearch

I got a letter from a company called zoomsearch. They are starting a new database of freelancers and will be advertising in the March issue of Communication Arts (this is a big mag for designers). If you go to their site it costs $25-150 to sign up but my letter offerred me a free listing for a year. This includes a listing and description, links to my website and portfolio image (300 x 600). This is a 150 dollar value for free! You don't pay any commissions either. I don't know if this offer is available only to people who get the letter or not but it may be worth a try any way.

Here's what you need to do before February 5:

1. Email them at and include the name of your business, e-mail address, a user name (8 characters or less) and the catefories in which you wish to be listed. You may want to check out which categories they offer first at They have Illustrators, Designers, etc.

2. They will send you an email with your password and instructions on how to add your address, website, and portfolio image.
Remember the deadline for a free listing is February 5! I believe there is only myself and one other illustrator on there at the moment so let's fill it up with more Slantvillians. One year of free advertisement can't hurt.

Denise O.

I think 4x5 colour trannies are overkill for online images, unless the trannies are going to be used for print repro too (with or without your consent?). If this stuff is for online only then ask them what size JPEG files they need and supply them on disk, 12 should fit on 1 floppy at screen resolution (72dpi). It would be cheaper to have your artwork scanned than photographed for large trannies. Think about watermarking them too if you have Photoshop 4.0 and web access (under DigiMark in the filters menu I think). That way you know they won't be mis-appropriated.

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