"John, you mentioned packagers. I've never worked with one because I've read bad things about them. I guess it depends on the reputation of the packager. Has anyone had any experience with them?"

Well I have. The ones I've worked for are directly accountable to the publishers. I don't have anything bad per se to say about them... only the additional burden of working for two art directors is a royal pain. There's the packager's A/D and then the publisher's A/D. Often times I think that even if a piece is perfect, the A/D or editor feels obligated to order changes, just to give the appearance of being a necessary part of the book production.

Also, it's frustrating that so much work is farmed out to packagers... and it's like guerilla warfare, because you have no idea who's doing what.. and the publishers don't tell you. So some studio in Chicago, which you've never heard of should have samples of your work, but how are you to know?


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