Packaging Art for Shipping

I am the world-renowned "Queen of Tape"-- I flap my finished art (watercolor paper, unmounted) with all-purpose paper, using artists' tape (the white paper tape with rubber cement adhesive). Whether hand-delivering or FedExing, I sandwich the art between at least 2 pieces of Fome-Cor or corrugated cardboard for rigidity, and tape all four sides. Then, I slip all into a plastic garbage bag, which I tape envelope-style so that the art is safely packaged and waterproof. Then, into a Fedex or USPS Tyvek envelope, self-sealed & then taped with clear wrap tape.

I've done this ever since I was caught in a rainstorm when hand-delivering a less well-packaged piece of finished art & ending up handing in a soggy watercolor.

Hence-- the "Queen of Tape" sobriquet...

I also dislike UPS because they have mangled packages of mine in the past. Of course, wrap original art so that it can withstand a supporting role in a samsonite commercial! Anyone can mangle a package, though.

All in all, I prefer FEDEX as do all of my clients. When sending original, commissioned art, it is customary for the client to foot the bill, domestic or overseas. Otherwise, it gets added to the invoice.

For boxes: the company is Fidelity Direct out of Minneapolis they have a 1-800-328-3034..They will send you a catalog plus they sell graphics supplies too...very nice people to work with

Here's my patented world's quickest method of mailing art:

Take a FedEx or UPS box.... leave it flat (unopened)

With a straight edge and exacto knife (large sized), cut off the flap without the adhesive strip from each end. This will allow the flap with adhesive to fold over and adhere to the body of the box.

Then simply insert artwork (leaving the box still flat and unopened) and fold over the flaps to seal it up

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