Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 14:46:33 EDT
From: TJChicko@aol.com
Subject: Re: illustration: Poser, please


I haven't been to Metacreations web site in a while but I'm sure you can get it there... but I have found that ordering from Mac or PC connection is ususally cheaper. They are on the web or call 1-800-800-2222.


Date: Sat, 22 Aug 98 17:15:59 +0000
From: Mark Betcher
Subject: Re: illustration: Poser, please

I create illustrations using all types of computer software gizmos... including Poser. Poser 4 is really an incredible upgrade from 3 as it models faces and hands as well as bodies very nicely. The software also limits how much unnatural twisting you can do to a figure which makes positioning a figure a more intuitive and speedy venture.

Its cool...


And LEs (thank you too!): I'm busily working away on finishes for a picture book for Cuisenaire (colored pencil, natcherly), due near the end of next month. Not sure when the pub date is, though. When it comes out, I'll be sure to put some of the art on my Web site. It's a counting book that'll be used by a kindergarteners / first-graders, methinks. Got a chance to try out Poser3 with this one -- what a time-saver that software is! Great improvement over Poser1 (which I had and tried to use and found myself muttering not-nice words). And now I can play around, putting dog heads on people bodies, or people heads on dog bodies, or . . . maybe I should just get back to work ;-)


I've used Poser3 on only one project so far -- I just upgraded in August. I certainly can see using it quite a bit while I'm developing sketches, though. Makes it very quick to tryout ideas, experiment with perspective, light, camera angle.

The figures that come standard in the software run male and female, adult to baby (but the default baby is rather bizarre). Zygote Media Group (Provo, UT) has plug-ins for Poser that include additional props, more animals, additional figures (including a baby in a diaper -- reminiscent of that scary Dancing Baby . . .) The different packages run $20 for a sampler to $150 for some of the larger bundles. Their brochure is included in the software box.

I think it's a VERY helpful tool, but it doesn't take the place of keen observation of real life. It does make the preliminaries go quicker, and boy, was it a time-saver when the powers-that-be in editorial decided this, that, and the other little thing needed to be changed before going to finishes!

Nancy Barnet

Thanks Nancy for all the Poser info. I am REALLY tempted to get it...but have to consider other pressing bills right now (mortgage?) Anyway, I searched for the price and the lowest I found was $149 at this site: http://www.pacificnet/~gwi/search2.html

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