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I've been invited to my first school visit for next spring. It is a neat program - the school district invites about 30 authors and illustrators for a weeklong festival. There are 4 sessions a day, and you can choose to participate all 5 days if you like. They pay $80 a session and you get a free lunch (gee, I hope it isn't school food....)

Theresa B.

Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 10:53:03 EDT
Subject: Re: illustration: Call for Illustrator School Visits Comments

Hello one and all,

An SCBWI Regional Advisor, along with another author, is completing a book for Teacher Ideas Press about how to make terrific connections with authors, illustrators, storytellers for school visits.

Jane Kurtz is the RA and welcomes any anecdotes, details, creative ideas of your school visits ~ as Illustrators. She has what she needs from the writers, and would like to include much more from illustrators.

So, if you are interested, please e-mail Jane at: jkurtz@BADLANDS.NODAK.EDU and share your experiences and ideas from your school visits as an illustrator. You'll receive a little bit of promo for your work, reports Jane.

Thank you!

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