How did you arrive at a style which you knew was "your work?" How did you know that was it? Is your style related to media, or to your way of looking at the world, or both?

Does it also help to stay with one type of subject matter? and medium? Is computer stuff the best medium??


So then, is "style" one's own intrinsic drawing style or is it dependant on medium? In other words, can Chris Van Allsburg's style be identified equally well with his pastels or his scratchboard (whatever Bad Ants is done in) or does each represent two different styles from him? I have always maintained that style is one's own intrinsic drawing style which should show through whatever medium is being used. On the other hand, I am a drawer. Does this hold true for people who are colorists by nature?

Who is no fine artist

Some of us have had the occasional art prof or less often, an AD say to have a variety of styles available. I've never seen that work for any illustrator but one, Ted Rand. When I think of all the artists whose work I recognize, they have one singular style. I was often told: if you have a few styles, someone with one style will do it better.


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