Submitting to Publishers

Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 08:46:26 -0800
From: Layne Jackson
Subject: illustration: tips on presentation?

Questions for you great resources and seasoned illustrators:

Am working toward this illustration project.(Book cover, inside illustrations) Have been asked to get the authors some samples of my work and they can include them in their manuscript to their publisher, as part of their presentation.

Have slides/paintings/etc but this would be the first use of my paintings for a book cover, so no tear sheets. ALSO, the cover that we are discussing HASN"T BEEN PAINTED YET, but have photographs relevant to the theme for reference, and I would create the paintings from these.

SO, my question(s):
a) Should I print out color copies of previous paintings, and copies of potential cover shots (black and white?)
b) Do you send slides to book publishers?
c) Do I do 'rough' color comps of potential covers? i.e. watercolor 'studies'
d) Would like to do the entire cover layout--can I send a color comp with text overlay to show it?, and if so
e) what's the usual format? tissue overlay for text? computer generated color comps? other?

Any help appreciated--this is a new arena for me. The authors are familiar with my work through my web site-



I would do rough color comps. they know your finished style, so no guesswork will be involved and you don't want to send anything too finished, because of two things: you don't want them thinking youre married to the thing and you'll probably be changing it, so you don't want to put in all that time to something that will inevitably be re-worked.



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