Toxic Art Supplies

Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999 13:46:23 -0800
From: Heather Capelli
Subject: Re: illustration: turpentine smell

At 10:14 AM 2/7/99, Layne Jackson wrote:

"Started getting these weird headaches a year ago, and after MRI etc etc, we decided it probably had alot to do with the toxins in the studio."

Ah, I wondered about that. When I first started painting, I used strictly oils, and I found I got the best results if I used my fingers instead of a brush for everything except the smallest details. But I started getting headaches and also found myself going through a weird bout of depression.

I was told to stop because my skin was probably absorbing nasty things in the oils and that headaches, depression and nausea can all be caused by breathing in all the fumes. I also hear that the orderless turpentine is even worse for that sort of thing, but I never had any of that substantiated. Now I only use oils when I want to do the rare life sized portrait, and then, only in the summer, when I can open all the indows all the time, and get the fan going. Does anyone know more about that?

- -Heather Capelli

Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 08:36:07 -0500
From: Tony & Denise Ortakales
Subject: Re: illustration: Re: toxic art materials

"That's it. 'Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques' by Ralph Meyer. I wish there were a book specifically on this subject. His book covers so many other things."

There is, it's called The Artist's Complete Health & Safety Guide by Monona Rossol. Here's the URL for Amazon I see she has also written books on safety in the theater and photography.

Denise O.

There's also "Health Hazards Manual for Artists", by Michael McCann, Ph.D., published by Nick Lyons Books in NYC-- I have the third edition which is (c)1985, so there may be a more recent edition.

Maybe there's a publication by The Arts & Crafts Materials Institute, too? (Those are the folks that rate the toxicity of art supplies.)

Have great day-
Peace & joy,

Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 09:55:48 EST
Subject: Re: illustration: Re: toxic art materials

I can tell you all how dangerous spray adhesive and fix both are. I had a can of the stuff explode in my face causing major lung damage and coating the lungs in both the main ingredient and the propellent which burned my lungs severely. After two years now it is no better. On top of that I had asthma which was upgraded to sever and dangerous. The propellents and ingredients never leave the system and cause seizures when I have an attack. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use some protection when using these products. Life is way to precious to screw up.


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